David Adegoke Adeyemi


David Adeyemi is a Pharmacist, entrepreneur, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency consultant. Studied Pharmacy at the University of Benin. Joined the blockchain space in 2016 and bought his first bitcoin. Became fascinated with the blockchain tech and ever since has been a student of these technology, he then proceeded to take online courses in bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as well as artificial intelligence. Began crypto currency trading and participated in a number of ICOs.
He joined ZILLA Pte Ltd in August 2017 as Community Manager, 5 months later,he was promoted to Business Development manager.He has also worked with several projects such as. Nebula AI, A decentralized blockchain integrated with artificial intelligence and sharing economies as well as Receipt coin, an interesting project that keeps record of receipts on the Blockchain. Presently, he has groups and forums where he teaches and speaks to newcomers in the space on how to navigate this technology.As a Pharmacist he also practice pharmacy, and he is at the verge of marrying the two, “Blockchain and healthcare”.